Behavior Therapy

Behavioral Therapy is focused on unwanted or maladaptive behavior. Typically, this type of therapy is used in those with mental health conditions that involve unwanted behavior (Ex: additions, anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorders).

Personal Support

Personal Care is usually for people who require a much higher degree of assistance rather than simply helping with dating tasks. In addition to more practical services such as help to take medication, bathing or dressing.


This is a support service for doing homemaking, such as cooking, shopping, home cleaning, laundry, limited personal care and offering company to seniors and adults with disabilities.

Skilled Nursing

Is a term that refers to the needs of care or treatment of a patient that can only be done by a licensed nurse. Skilled Nursing needs include complex wound dressing, rehabilitation, tube feeding or rapidly changing health status.


It can be a great service to alleviate loneliness, as well as provide basic help. It includes activities such as medical appointments, cleaning the home, food preparation, washing dishes or clothes, watering plants or simply offering company.

Respite Care

Provide appropriate care and supervision to protect consumer safety, in the absence of a family member. Relieve family members, constant responsibility that requires providing attention to the consumer. Assist in the basic needs of self-help and other activities normally carried out by another family member.


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A Joyful Heart Home Services LLC

With compassion, respect and great expertise, A Joyful Heart Home Services LLC works closely with your loved ones improving their quality of life. At Home Services, we believe that healing process starts at home, where your support is needed most, focusing on helping you recover and regain your independence.



    APD – Agency for Persons with Disabilities – State of Florida Member Agency

        Southern Region  : Miami Dade & Monroe.

        Southeast Region : West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale

        Suncoast  Region  : Tampa & Fort Myers

        Central  Region     : Orlando, Wildwood & Lakeland


Registration: Homemaker & Companion Services Lic.# 234836

License: Medicaid Under 21 Lic.# 019511000

Medicaid Waiver Provider

Next Level Care for Your Family Member

We work to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wwith your loved one’s medical team to offer the professional support he or she needs. Our team let loved ones live at home while receiving the care they require. They complement traditional in-home caregivers and give family members extra peace of mind.

Specialized care requires special training, and we only hire qualified staff.We are trained and certified to perform many advanced medical tasks, including:

♥  A Joyful Heart is committed to providing a level of quality care that encourages the safe and cost-effective delivery of home health services, maximizing patient autonomy, and coordination of community and Agency resources, to decrease illness burden.

♥  A Joyful Heart provides services to clients without regard to age, race, religion, sex, national origin or disability. Always offering our best service in order to give you the attention you deserve.

♥  Our organization provides accountability for care, treatment and services provided by monitoring and evaluating performance outcomes while enforcing our continuous quality improvement program.

♥  A Joyful Heart aids in accessing appropriate and affordable resources to promote and maintain an individual’s independence, dignity and peace of mind.Our team has extensive experience and commitment.

♥  We help our patients recover at home so they can live as independently as possible after a hospital stay. Home health also plays an important role in helping people avoid going to the hospital in the first place.

♥  Program services assist family members, caregivers, and service providers in understanding the often-complicated health care. Human services and legal issues that are frequently confronted by the elder population and disabled persons of all ages.

A Joyful Heart has a team of professionals in nursing, therapy and personal care who place a high regard in the accurate delivery of home health services. However, on top of the structured care that we provide, the values of kindness, compassion and benevolence remain high on our priorities. We strive to provide you with the dignified care that you need as you recover from illness or in the process of your transition to old age.
We are a privately-owned and managed home health agency based in Miami, Florida. Our company blossomed from our commitment of maintaining an elevated standard of wellbeing for the elderly and infirmed populace in the community.

We know when we grow older or when we get sick, there is no other place we would rather be than our own homes. For many patients or clients, the possibility of staying at home can be difficult to realize which results to more cases of institutional care or long-term hospitalization.
Fortunately, this can be changed with home health care.

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